Looking for inspiration?

Competitive dancers are always looking for something to help give them that edge when it comes to the BIG competitions like the Oireachtas.  You practice for hours, giving up any kind of social life for the entire month (at least!) before the big day.  You get feedback from your fellow dancers, your TCRG, even *gasp* your Mom!  You watched every YouTube video on Irish Dance and you know every word in Jig by heart.  You’ve got the perfect dress, your shoes are all shined up, and there’s a sparkling pair of popcorn socks with your name on it.  But somehow… it just seems like you could use a little bit more inspiration.

So how about some mental help?  There are a couple of nice books available to spur dancers on.

Parade of Champions: Inspiration for the Irish Dancer, by Elise Wright and Louise Lenihan


I *LOVE* this book!  It is very nicely laid out, featuring eye-catching graphics and full color photos of many well-known international champions, including Brogan McCay and Fiona Dargan.  Dancers of all ages will enjoy reading personal messages from world champions about what inspires them, how they prepare for competition, and what keeps them going when they just want to give up.

Available on Amazon:  ISBN 9781494310547, Paperback, $15.86

The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers, by Sean Connolly

Little Book

Written by the Irish Dancing World Champions Mind Coach, this book will give you a peek into the many workshops that Mr. Connolly provides around the world.  It can help with those mental bugs that keep you from doing your best – doubt and negative thoughts.  In a handy size, it also features plenty of full-color photos.

Available for Kindle – ASIN B008OLD4NW, $9.99